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What is Criminology?

If you have an interest in criminal justice, then you may want to study the field of criminology. This area of study is going to be able to help you find positions in a number of different areas, and it can be a stepping-stone to an exciting and interesting career. The first question that you are likely to have though is, “what is criminology?” In fact, the area of study covers a number of different things. For example, one who studies criminology will study the social aspects and factors that can cause someone to commit crimes. The criminologist could also study the psychological factors that can turn someone into a criminal. Many who are in the field and who study criminology will also study psychology or sociology.

Through studying these areas, criminologists can start to get a better picture of certain types of criminals and areas of high crime. Their studies can help them to predict patterns for criminal behaviors and motives. Many profilers, as well as police officers and detectives, have degrees in criminology. At the heart of it, criminology combines the use of statistical data along with psychological profiles and sociological factors to understand crime and criminals better. They use their knowledge and skills to help capture those criminals and put them away.

What is a criminology program worth taking? While many schools are able to offer these programs, you need to make sure that you are going to a school that can offer the best possible education and the courses you need to succeed in the field. In many cases, you will find schools that can offer associate programs, but you can find higher-level education in the area as well, including bachelor degrees.

Those who get into criminology and who have an associate’s degree will probably be able to find work compiling crime statistics, working on crime prevention strategies, and collecting data. If you continue with your education and get a higher degree, then you will likely be able to find jobs that are more interesting and that have higher pay. You could work in criminal investigations, profiling, or research. Many people who have a criminology degree go on to become police officers and later detectives. Some choose to apply for the FBI. When you start to understand the question of what is criminology, and you get your degree in this interesting field, the entire world is open to you.

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