The truth is, it is almost impossible to tell the average criminology salary. One of the key ingredients to having a great job is love for the work that you do. Choosing a field that is going to provide you with fulfilling and interesting days can lead to a rewarding career. However, finding a …a field that is going to provide you with fulfilling and interesting days can lead to a rewarding career”job that has a good salary as well is the second ingredient you need if you are going to remain happy. Those who choose one of the many careers in the field of criminal justice should be quite happy. The work is always going to be interesting, and a criminology salary is usually quite good. Of course, you do have to consider all of the variables when it comes to the salary.

What type of variables will affect the criminology salary? In fact, quite a few things are going to play a role when it comes to your paycheck. We will look at some of the different factors here.

Geographic Location

Where in the nation do you live? Where do you live in your state? If you live in a populous state and you live near one of the major population center, chances are the criminology salary is going to be higher, simply because of the cost of living. Those who live in rural areas and places where the cost of living is lower will have a lower salary. However, you will find that the starting salary is usually commensurate with the cost of living.

Type of Work

What type of job are you doing? When police officers are first starting out, they may make only around $35k per year, and less in some areas. Having a degree in criminology can increase the salary in some locations, as they value an education. In a few years time, the salary can increase, and the officer may soon be making close to $50k per year. Those who have a specialty and who are not police officers, such as a profiler and working as a consultant might make more.

Experience in the Job

The amount of experience you have in your job is going to play a role in your criminology salary as well. Those who have more years working in the field are likely to be making quite a bit more money than their inexperienced counterparts do. This is only natural.

The preceding are some of the factors that are going to affect your salary when you have your criminology degree. The more you know about what goes into making up the salaries, the more sense the varied salaries make.

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