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Forensic psychology applies the science of psychology to the law. The use of forensic psychology in criminal cases is quite common today, and fortunately, there are boards that can help to regulate the psychologists working in this field. One of the most important groups is the American Board of Forensic Psychology. The American Academy of Forensic Psychology is a part of the ABFP, but each of these groups has its own role to play. Both of them are a part of the ABPP, or the American Board of Professional Psychology.

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What is the ABFP?

The ABFP is able to offer a Diploma in Forensic Psychology. The reason that a diploma from the ABFP is important is because it shows that a well-known organization of peers was able to certify that you are at a high enough level of maturity, education, and competence in the field of forensic psychology that they chose to grant you a diploma. This is a high honor, and it can be very important to ensuring that you are able to get the work that you want and need.

The American Board of Professional Psychology, which is the actual body that awards the diploma, only awards one specialty diploma and it happens to be in forensic psychology. It’s been around since 1947 and has a certain set of standards that includes work review and oral exams. The Board is highly respected and earning the diploma through them can be a rigorous affair. If you are able to do it though, it should be quite a point of pride for you.

What is the AAFP?

The AAFP, or the American Academy of Forensic Psychology, is the training and education branch of the ABFP. The main reason for the existence of the AAFP is to further the development of forensic psychology as a specialized field rather than lumping it into general psychology. Those who are members will find a robust amount of information on the website and it will be possible to find others who are in the field so that you will be able to share knowledge.

The Academy is also responsible for a number of awards that go to the best practitioners in the field of forensic psychology. The awards include the Distinguished Contributions to Forensic Psychology Award, the Beth Clark Distinguished Service Contribution Award, the Saleem Shah Award for Early Career Excellence in Psychology and Law, and the Dissertation Awards.

As you can see, these groups are specifically for forensic psychologists and they are an ideal option for those who are trying to find a high quality organization to be a member of. Membership into the group can be difficult, but it’s one of the best options for your career. Take the time to explore the difference facets of these entities and organizations and then consider applying for a diploma through the ABFP. With the connections that you will make, and the information and knowledge that you will have at your fingertips thanks to the other members, it is well worth considering.

Please visit for more information about the American Academy of Forensic Psychology and for information about the American Board of Forensic Psychology.


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