and Rhode Island forensic psychologist salaries.

Careers in the forensic sciences are on the rise, and now is a great time to start your education in one of these fields. The area of forensic psychology is particularly interesting, offering psychologists a way to get into the minds of criminals. Through their work, they will be able to help the police and the court system make sure that the streets are a safer place. They can work in many different capacities as well. It is a long road to become a forensic psychologist in Rhode Island, and you are going to need to have a great education. Choose accredited forensic psychology schools that have the programs needed to put you on the path to success.

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Steps to Become a Forensic Psychologist in Rhode Island

Education and advanced degrees are necessary if you are going to become a forensic psychologist. You will want to start by getting a Bachelor’s degree in psychology. To become a psychologist though, you are going to need to go beyond the Bachelor’s degree. You are going to need to find good colleges where you will be able to get your Master’s and doctorate.


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As with most states, you are going to have to have two years of supervised experience when you are on your way to becoming a psychologist in Rhode Island. You will be able to do one of your years of work experience while you are getting your doctorate through an internship or practicum. You will be able to do your second year of experience after you have your doctorate. Each of the years is going to need to encompass at least 1,500 hours of work experience. You may want to find an internship that will give you experience in forensic psychology.

When you have your doctorate and your work experience complete, you will be able to apply for your license through the Rhode Island Office of Health Professionals Regulation Board of Psychology. The Board then reviews your application to make sure that you meet the requirements. When application is approved, you will be informed of your eligibility to take the national EPPP, or Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology. After you pass the test, you will be able to get your license and then practice in the state.

Steps to Becoming a Forensic Psychologist in Rhode Island: Quick Reference Guide
  1. Find an accredited school that offers bachelor’s programs in forensic psychology or psychology. Earn a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Complete a master’s degree program in forensic psychology. Some PhD programs do not require this step.
  3. Earn a PhD. During this program, you may complete one year of work experience.
  4. Following your doctoral degree, complete another year, or 1500 hours of work experience.
  5. Apply for a license from the Rhode Island Office of Health Professionals Regulation Board of Psychology.
  6. Following approval from the board, take the EPPP, or Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology.

Employment Trends and Career Areas for Forensic Psychologists in Rhode Island

You will find that there are a number of great options when you have your license as a psychologist in the state. The number of jobs is sure to rise in the coming years, and you have many different career areas that you can pursue.

One of the areas that many forensic psychologists choose is working as a consultant for the police. They can offer analysis of suspects, behavioral analysis, and more to help the police catch criminals. Working in the courts with defendants and victims is also a possibility. You will be able to work with convicts who are reaching their parole dates to evaluate them as well. It’s also possible to find jobs teaching.

Salary and Employment Facts for Rhode Island Forensic Psychologists

Rhode Island has one of the higher annual salaries for forensic psychologists. Those who work in the state can make around $104,780 per year. This is a great salary, although many who get into the field do it for far more than just a paycheck. In addition, the job outlook is great for a person working to become a forensic psychologist in Rhode Island. The growth rate is currently at 10% and is expected to maintain that rate or increase by 2024.

Rhode Island Forensics in the News

Many different types of forensics play a part in criminal cases, not just forensic psychology. One example from 2012 involves a man named Jesse Cook who was from Rhode Island. He broke into the home of an 82-year-old man and terrorized him for several hours. He held the elderly man at gunpoint and then put the gun in the elderly man’s hand and pulled the trigger. Forensics teams and the Attorney General call the death a suicide.


and Rhode Island forensic psychologist salaries.

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