and Wisconsin forensic psychologist salaries.

Choosing to become a forensic psychologist in Wisconsin is a great option, even though it does take a lot of schooling. When you are a forensic psychologist, you will be able to work directly with the police, the courts, and criminals to help understand what makes the criminal thought process work the way that it does. You can have a career where you know that you are making a difference in peoples’ lives, and that’s often reward enough. However, you will find that you can also earn a nice living in this field. Education is the first step, and you have to find degree programs, and eventually, forensic psychology graduate programs that will send you on your way.

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How to Become a Forensic Psychologist in Wisconsin

Your first stop along the road to becoming a forensic psychologist in Wisconsin is going to be your Bachelor’s degree. You will need to obtain your Bachelor’s before you go on to the advanced degrees. You will want to pursue your Master’s or doctorate as well, and you need to find accredited schools for this part of your education. When you are earning your doctorate, you will be able to start the work experience that you need for your license.


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You are going to need to have 3,000 hours of supervised work experience total. You can start earning those hours while you are getting your doctorate, but at least 1,500 hours need to be post-doctorate. You are going to want to check with the Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board to get the specifics on the supervisor qualifications and your work requirements.

Once you have the hours that you need for your work experience, you will be able to apply for your license. Make sure that you also submit all of your transcripts and other documents they require. The Board then takes time to review the application and paperwork. After they approve the application, they will notify you and let you know that you are eligible to take the EPPP. The EPPP is the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology, and it’s a national test that all potential forensic psychologists must take and pass in order to become licensed.

Steps to Becoming a Forensic Psychologist in Wisconsin: Quick Reference Guide
  1. Attend an accredited college and earn a bachelor’s degree in psychology or forensic psychology.
  2. Get a master’s degree. Some doctoral programs may not require this step.
  3. Earn a PhD in forensic psychology.
  4. Complete supervised professional experience.
  5. Apply for a license. The required examination to receive licensure through the Wisconsin Psychology Examining Board is the EPPP.

Employment Trends and Career Areas for Forensic Psychologists in Wisconsin

Just as in other areas of the country, the job outlook for forensic psychologists in Wisconsin is quite good. You will be able to find work in many different areas, and most foresee that job market becoming even stronger than it is right now.

What are some of the areas in which you will be able to work when you have your license? You can choose to work as a forensic psychologist in the court system, and you can evaluate the mental health of defendants when they are going to stand trial. You will also be able to find work in the corrections system, occasionally helping inmates on the verge of release make the adjustment to living in society. Many who get into the field will work with law enforcement and provide behavior analysis and profiles on certain types of cases that could range from arson to murder.

Salary and Employment Facts for Wisconsin Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychologists in Wisconsin can make a very good wage. They have an average salary of $90,350 per year, which is quite healthy for the average income in the state.

Wisconsin Forensic Psychology and Other Sciences

In Wisconsin, forensics is just as important as it is in every other state in the Union. From forensic psychology offering insight into the minds of killers to the crime scene investigators offering analysis of fingerprints, forensic science is making great strides in the world of criminal justice. You can become a part of that!


and Wisconsin forensic psychologist salaries.

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