and Wyoming forensic psychologist salaries.

Wyoming is a large state, and it does have quite a few rural areas. Still, the need for high quality forensic specialists throughout the state is growing, just as it is throughout the country. You will find that there are some great career options in forensics, and one of the best is forensic psychology. If you have an interest in getting a degree in psychology, you might want to consider going into forensics. It can offer an interesting career that will bring you into contact with a wide range of cases. Choosing to become a forensic psychologist in Wyoming is going to take a large commitment though, at least in terms of education.

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Steps to Become a Forensic Psychologist in Wyoming

Finding the best schools that can offer the programs you need is the first part of the journey. You will need to find a school that is able to offer accreditation, and that will provide you with the best forensic psychology education possible. You need to have your Bachelor’s degree, but that’s not enough to become a forensic psychologist. You might be able to find work in related fields with a Bachelor’s degree, but you will not be able to practice psychology. Once you have your degree, you are still going to need to pursue higher degrees through good colleges. A Master’s degree and a doctorate are necessary to become a forensic psychologist in Wyoming.


Featured Programs:

Grand Canyon University - BS in Psychology: Forensic Psychology

Southern New Hampshire University - BA & MS in Forensic Psychology

Walden University - Online Forensic Psychology Programs

When you have your doctorate, you will still need to make sure that you have all of the supervised work experience that you need. In all, you are going to need to have 2 years of work experience. You will be able to do one of the years while you are earning your doctorate, but you will have to do the other year after you have your doctorate. Make sure that you contact the Wyoming Board of Psychology to make sure that you have a qualified supervisor for your work experience.

After you obtain the work experience you need, you will be able to submit an application for your license. You will submit the application to the Board, and they will review it. They will also need to have your transcripts sent to the Board. Once they review and approve the application, they will let you know when you are able to take the Examination of Professional Practice in Psychology, or EPPP.

Steps to Becoming a Forensic Psychologist in Wyoming: Quick Reference Guide
  1. Attend an accredited school and get a bachelor’s degree.
  2. Receive a master’s degree in psychology or forensic psychology. Some PhD programs do not require this step.
  3. Earn your PhD in forensic Psychology.
  4. Obtain two years of supervised work experience. One can be completed before receiving your PhD.
  5. Apply for your license through the Wyoming State Board of Psychology.
  6. Take the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology (EPPP).

Employment Trends and Career Areas for Forensic Psychologists in Wyoming

Across the nation, more and more people are finding that forensics professionals have great job security. The need for forensic psychologists is going to increase across the country, as well as in Wyoming over the next few years, so now is a great time to start your education.

When you have your license, you will be able to find work in many areas. For example, you might want to work in the court system, or you may want to work with criminals in the corrections system. Others would rather utilize their skills by developing profiles and analysis of suspects for the police. You have many different options in this career field.

Salary and Employment Facts for Wyoming Forensic Psychologists

Forensic psychologists in Wyoming are able to make a very good living with their career. The average annual salary for a forensic psychologist is $97,430. Of course, your salary is going to depend on the type of work you are doing and your location in the state. In most cases, it’s going to be better to find an area that has a higher population, as there will likely be more positions available for the specialty.

Forensics are Popular in Wyoming and the Rest of the Country

Whether it’s because of the role of forensics on television shows and in movies, or it’s because of the many high profile cases that forensics have helped to solve, there is no doubt that forensics is a hot topic. In the real world, forensics might not be quite as neat and clean as it is on television, but forensic science does offer quite a bit of help to law enforcement. Forensic psychologists really do have the skills to analyze certain crimes and come up with a list of suspect traits. Blood spatter analysts really do have the ability to recreate a violent crime based on the blood evidence. Forensics is changing the criminal justice system for the better.


and Wyoming forensic psychologist salaries.

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