When you go to forensic psychology schools, you will find that you have quite a few options when it comes to employment, even if you only choose to pursue a four-year degree, you can find some great jobs. For example, becoming a victim advocate specialist is a good option that can provide you with a great salary. To qualify for this job, you are going to need to have your degree in behavioral health science or social science, and some agencies might want you to have some experience as well.


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Grand Canyon University - BS in Psychology: Forensic Psychology

Southern New Hampshire University - BA & MS in Forensic Psychology

Walden University - Online Forensic Psychology Programs

Victim advocate specialists will work with families and individuals who have been victims of sexual assault, domestic violence, child abuse, and more. They will provide crisis intervention, education, and ensure the victim’s safety. The specialist will also help the victim through trials and court proceedings no matter how long they might take. Because of the type of work that you would be doing, you may be on call quite a bit. The job can be quite demanding but it does offer plenty of rewards. Of course, this is just one option when you go to school for forensic psychology. You could also find work in the field of research, or you could act as an assistant for a psychologist. The options are wide open.

Once you have your four-year degree, you can see that it is possible to find work. However, many choose to go on and receive a higher degree so they will be able to practice as a psychologist. Regardless of what type of work you want to do in the field, you can get the education you need as long as you have a quality education. The first step is going to be finding the best forensic psychology schools and determining whether you want to attend in person or start taking online classes.

To learn more about what a victim advocate specialist does, please go to the following website for more information – http://victimsofcrime.org/help-for-crime-victims/get-help-bulletins-for-crime-victims/what-is-a-victim-advocate.

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