One can find many movies over the past few decades that paint the forensic psychologist in a glamorous light. The image of the criminal profiler stalking a serial killer through an abandoned tunnel system or standing in a darkened room with a serial killer wearing night vision goggles and able to see the “in the dark” protagonist is one that most people know. These movies are one of the main reasons that the term criminal profiling and forensic psychology are even in the popular vernacular today. What are some of the most popular movies that include forensic psychology?


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Naturally, you have to choose the big guns when you are talking about these types of movies. This means that The Silence of the Lambs is going to top any of lists such as this. Red Dragon, based on the Thomas Harris novel Manhunter, and the movie Manhunter, are other great examples.

Of course, Thomas Harris movies aren’t the only ones that feature forensic psychology. Some of the other movies that feature criminal profiling techniques include Seven, Kiss the Girls, and The Bone Collector. Interestingly, many of the movies have their basis in novels.

You will find a host of different movies, of differing qualities, that will give you a nice fictionalized version of what it might be like to work within the realm of forensic psychology. To get a better idea of what it might be like, it would help to speak with someone who is in the field.

In the following link, Matthew T. Huss, PhD, discusses his take on forensic psychology and the movies –  What is Forensic Psychology? It’s Not Silence of the Lambs!

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