When you are searching for a new career, one of the things that is likely going to factor into your decision is whether it pays well enough to warrant the schooling.

The answer of whether the job pays enough is going to vary by your personal needs and expectations, but you might not want to let the salary alone affect your decision to become a forensic psychologist. You also have to consider the satisfaction …[t]he more education and training you receive, the higher the salary will generally be”that you will get from the work that you are doing. Knowing that you are helping others is one of the primary reasons that people choose this profession.

What Does a Forensic Psychologist Make?

For those who are getting into the field, the average forensic psychology salary is around $52,000 per year. Keep in mind that this is just the average salary. Some will make less, especially when they are just getting into the field. Others, once they have more time in the job and have a better education, they will be able to earn as much as $110,000 per year. While the forensic psychologist salary might be less than what you would find with a doctor or lawyer, it’s still quite good compared with salaries for other types of jobs.

Does the Forensic Psychologist Pay Equal the Responsibility?

When you become a forensic psychologist, you will find that you have many responsibilities, and that your work can take you some highs and lows emotionally and mentally. You have to prepare for these eventualities. If you are working on a case to help catch a killer or you have to provide a psychological evaluation of a criminal that has done some horrible things, it can take a toll on you. Some people find that they do not like this aspect of the job, and that no amount of money would be enough.

Of course, for someone who is truly interested in psychology and the criminal mind, the pay is just icing on the cake of being able to sift through the mind of a criminal. The more you are able to learn about these criminals, the more you will be able to help with other investigations. You entered the field of psychology to help people, and that’s what you are doing no matter what your forensic psychologist salary might be.

Beyond Forensic Psychology Pay

As mentioned above, it’s not always about the money. The forensic psychologist salaries are still quite good compared to that of many other fields, but you have the added bonus of knowing that you are helping to make headway with criminal investigations. You are working on profiling to help find killers and other criminals. You are working to keep those who belong in prison behind bars when their parole hearings come up. You are providing expert testimony to put bad people away. Your work allows you understand criminals better so that all of law enforcement and psychology will be able to benefit. For most forensic psychologists, the salary isn’t the most important factor when deciding to enter the career field.

Many Things Factor into Forensic Psychology Salaries

Trying to determine what your forensics psychology salary is going to be after you are a graduate and receive your doctorate is going to be almost impossible. You can use the averages mentioned earlier to give you an idea of where it might be, but you have to keep in mind that salaries are going to change from year to year, and other factors can affect how much you are going to make. One of the things that can affect the salary of a forensic psychologist is the amount of education that one has. The more education and training you receive, the higher the salary will generally be.

Something else that’s going to play a role is the amount of experience that you have. You would not expect the forensic psychology salary of a new graduate to be commensurate with that of someone who has spent more than a decade in the field. Those with a decade or more of experience will often be making in the range of $70,000 per year on average.

Other factors include location as well as the type of work that you are doing. Some smaller locales aren’t likely to be able to pay as well as others are. Working in a large city, for example, is usually going to provide you with a better salary.

The Best Way to a Great Forensic Psychology Salary Starts with Education

If you want to make sure that you have a good salary when you are a forensic psychologist, you have to start with a great education. You can find some great programs online and offline that will help to prepare you for this challenging field. Find a great school and enroll today.

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